From the Kollective: Hell – Anton Long


Independent Niner

I shall be honest – Satanism has been hijacked. By posers, by pseudo-intellectuals and by gutless weaklings who like the glamour and danger associated with it in the public mind but who do not have the guts to be evil – to do dark deeds.

These modern days so-called ‘satanists’ are really Nazarene scum in disguise – worms in dead snake-skin. They prattle on about ‘morality’, puff themselves up with titles and perform verbal and intellectual gymnastics. They think being Satanic involves calling yourself a Satanist and dressing up like Dracula or Mephistopheles or a vamp.

Well, I am sick of these imposters. Those who get a thrill from playing the role but who never actually do anything evil, who never go to the extremes, who never stand on the edge – or climb down to the darkness of the pit of Hell. Those who have never experienced the limits…

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Satanic Amorality: O9A

Shaitanic action.




Satanic Amorality: Order of Nine Angles

The essence of Satanic amorality – insofar as the individual Satanist is concerned – can be simply expressed: a Satanist makes an assessment of others, judging them, and then decides whether those others, on an individual basis, are suitable victims. If they are suitable, as victims, then the Satanist acts accordingly – e.g. by manipulating them, using them and so on.

The judgment is based on character – i.e. does the person who is being judged possess a weak character? Are they dross, worthless? If they are judged to be so, by the individual Satanist, then they are suitable subjects.

It is one of the aims of Satanic training to cultivate Satanic judgment on the individual level. However, it should be noted that there are two forms of Satanic judgment – the personal, and the Aeonic. The Aeonic is a refinement of the…

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KK Null – “Extropy Ground Zero” Album Review (Noise, Power Electronics)

What misanthropy sounds like.

The Noise Beneath The Snow

kk-null-extropy-ground-zero-front (1)Extropy Ground Zero

KK Null is a legend in the noise/power electronics scene.  Moreover, he is a master of chaos creation.  We have for you, his latest work courtesy of 4ib Records, Extropy Ground Zero.

From 4ib Records: “Kazuyuki Kishino displays an intriguing approach towards the genre of experimental noise. Deviating from his usual genre style, he unleashes new material of percussive blast beats which take dominance in the 2 tracks (one studio and one live) contained within. The juxtaposition of electronic percussive noise tempo against layers of interweaving swooshes and electronic bleeps provide an interesting ambience of sound”

Track 1, “Extropy Ground Zero” starts off with some rapid, distorted conic bullets.  What follows is absolute madness and chaos.  There are so many things going on and so many dimensions and dynamics, it’s ridiculous…but in a good way.  Trust me on that. After the rapid distorted cyber-strikes and a series…

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